Some Thoughts on Hospitality

Saw this thread of tweets from Phil Whittall, a chap I follow on Twitter. It struck a chord so I’ve reproduced it below, with permission.

Question: Why don’t I think having friends over for a meal and showing biblical hospitality are the same thing?

First, I don’t think these meals are worthless at all. Time with friends, deepening relationship, building community, sharing stories is a deeply human thing. Very worthwhile and important. This is called friendship and investing in it is vital everywhere. I think this is a good thing.


A miracle peg and a second house

It’s always been my vision to see a diverse network of simple, small, virile and flexible house churches/communities. That’s why we were keen to start hosting our own Sunday morning congregation a few months ago:

  1. To provide an accessible church for neighbours we meet locally
  2. As an opportunity to disciple one another into ministry focused in the vision God’s given us
  3. To keep things small, so as we grow we’re forced to split rather than become big and clumsy (see my previous post on artificial persecution)


People moving, bible studies, stuff…

So much has happened since my last post at the end of November, some big things too. We said a very fond and sad farewell to Joz, Abbey and Rosie who’ve moved in with the lovely people at Saving Faith, Norwich, and to Esme who’s moved to London with some folk from Antioch Community.