Common Purse 2.5

I promised I’d publish a post describing the marks of our new common purse, the core qualities we intend it to be marked by, and here it is.

Some of the trustees of the New Creation Christian Community had arranged to meet up with me to talk about our new community initiative, what relationship it would have to the current setup, how it would be best administered and how they could support us.

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Back to the Teapot

A black teapot on a windowsill

Let me tell you a short true story.

Once upon a time waaaay back in the late 60s the Holy Spirit turned up at a normal Baptist chapel in the sleepy English countryside. Things started kicking off big-time. Soon many of the hairy hippy freaks from round about came by the bike/car/busload to see what the fuss was all about. This caught the attention of some straight-laced Christians looking for something more than their stuffy straight-lacedness.

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Where do I begin?

A bunch of us have decided to leave our normal lives for six months and move into town, sharing a house. People need to find Jesus. We want to explore community, bringing something fresh to the table. We feel compelled to be generous, preaching the gospel through generosity, through word and deed.

And really, we’re also a little bit mad. Mad enough to leave our lovely big shared community houses where we get our socks cleaned, lunches made and lawns mowed. Mad enough to try something new.

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