The prayer room

Well that escalated quickly.

Inspired by books like Red Moon Rising and Dirty Glory, a few weeks ago we prayed through 24 hours in shifts. Surprised how quickly the hours were booked up the next weekend we extended it to 48 hours and a second prayer room.

And now, inspired by all that, a friend of ours has blown the whole thing up and sent it church-wide: 40 days of prayer!

The idea is that different Jesus Fellowship church groups from around the UK will cover one or two days each through the 40 days of Lent, leading up to the Alive festival weekend.

We “own” two of the days and we’d love you to sign up to pray an hour or five here: Day 14 (16th March) and Day 33 (7th April).



“We’ve always known that God’s Spirit can fill people, but sometimes we forget that He fills places too! When a place hosts hours of continuous prayer, it can sometimes become so full of God’s presence that even non-Christians sense His proximity.”
Red Moon Rising