And we’re in!

And we're in! 3After leaving work early on Friday and signing some pieces of paper at the estate agent’s office we spent a very busy evening lugging furniture, driving a van back and forth, cleaning and moving bags and boxes around.

We finally got into our newly placed beds at about 2am that night so Saturday started sleepily. Saturday was a day of buying extra bits and updating lists. About 90% of the house-stuff we have has been donated; we’re very thankful to the many of you who gave us cutlery, chairs, a hoover, bowls…

Later Dan arrived with his parents and moved his bed, paintings, tall lamps (he’s a bit of a Jake Ball kind of guy) and lego lampshade into the house. It’s brilliant to have him with us, I’m looking forward to it. Josh will be moving in later this week.

Sam had made a table that can extend from 1.5m to 3m, filling the dining room. That was just as well as we had twelve over for dinner.


Now it feels like we’ve properly arrived. The house is just the right size and the layout works well. I’m not really getting used to travelling into town at the end of the day, I wonder how long it’ll take for it to feel normal.

By the way we have a big housewarming thing soon. If you’d like to come let me know.