Don’t let a serious crisis go to waste

As the coronavirus lockdown escalates we must take it seriously. We have two basic options for how we do that – we can be defensive and defeatist or purposeful and proactive.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that [is] it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not before.”

Rahm Emanuel

Times of great crisis are also times of great opportunity. For followers of Jesus crisis demands our attention and we’ve been bought with blood by a man who saw crisis and chose the second path.

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Church is coming home

– I originally wrote this back in September 2018 –

What is it about houses?

These floors know the first tentative steps of infancy. The stampede of children’s play. First breaths, short breaths, sighs and last breaths. These doors observe good night kisses, others slammed in fits of rage. Darkened corners watch frustrated tears, hear desperate prayers.

Our houses are more than structures of wood, steel, brick and plaster. We shape our homes, and in turn they shape us. A home speaks. These houses we inhabit tell the beautiful and terrible tale of humanity’s journey from, and to, home.

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An Idea For Simple Fellowships

In the bible there are only a few basic principles that lay out how we should do church together. In scripture the Spirit does describe the identity and purpose of the church and lays out some basic principles, but the bible is silent on many questions we may want it to answer:

When should we meet? Where? How large should gatherings be? What’s the best way to obey the command to make disciples in groups? How should leaders be trained? What’s the best way to finance things? Exactly what level of influence should leaders have over the congregation?

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That’s my father – a poem

The one who created hydrogen bonds,
Autumn and E minor.
The one who breathed the fire in the sky,
Who placed the stars in space and hung the earth perfectly.
He who decided birds would fly and fish would swim.
Who created the tides and the waxing of the moon,
Who breathes air into lungs and who commands the sun to rise.
The one who spoke creation into being,
That’s my father, that’s my God.

The God whose name is higher than any other name,
Whose love is deeper than any ocean.
The God whose rule and reign shall ever be,
Whose word won’t fade and whose power shakes the earth.
The God who loves despite failures,
Who ransoms souls and called me by name.
That’s my father,
That’s my God.