New stuff starting tonight

New stuff starting tonight 7

New stuff starting tonight 8We’ve been talking a lot recently at Adams Avenue about stuff, our future, our houses, what we want to do, this and that.

After talking and praying and talking and talking and eating and talking some more we want to relaunch in some way, to have a bit of a weekly rhythm of things that we do.

We’re thinking prayer and worship gigs, an open house evening, an Acts 29 ministry training thing, and some other stuff.

Now, one of the things we want to do each week, as it goes, is a bible study.

Who’s it for, I hear you ask?


Well, it’s not for your archetypal type, that’s for sure.
This is your arrival as a tribal bible disciple
This is vital to unbridle survival
Who’s leading this thing? Again I hear you ask.
It’s nonhierarchical.
No remarkable carnival of oligarchical cardinal.
No superstar with caviar, cigar and guitar,
That’s just bizarre
No ecclesiastical attire we require
There’s no bar how far you can go though
Once you know to go solo is a no-no
No forego inflow, you’ll grow slow
You can go with gusto, you know
You’re ready already to enquire with desire
Conspire to quit the entire dire quagmire
So catch fire and crank it up, yup!
Heads up look sharp
We’re not starting up a storm in a teacup
We’ve got the hot chocolate stocked up
Pick up your coffee cup, bibles and just turn up
No lectures, just truth to build up.
You’re gonna see scriptures like pictures,
Such Christological riches.
I just know you’ll witness that this itches your switches, bitches
Only hitch is you’ll miss the bliss if you ever ditch this
Just witness my finger twitches to unhitch this spiritual kinesis
Witness the fitness, don’t dismiss this.
Let’s do this.

New stuff starting tonight 9

New stuff starting tonight 10Every Wednesday night from 7.30 at number 99.

Tonight we’ll be starting a series on the kingdom of God, using a pithy little booklet called ‘kingdom seekers’ for inspiration alongside our bibles.


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