Number Fir Tree Free

Number Fir Tree Free 3

We’ve just signed contracts for our second house, which you can call The House Thing II, or Number 33, or my favourite: Number Fir Tree Free.

Fir tree? Yup.

Yonks ago a few of us spent a few days praying individually about the house, and met up on a Friday evening to pray together and share inspirations and what God had been saying about it all. Josh often gets some quite specific words of knowledge but wasn’t sure about one in particular: one thing he heard from God was simply “fir tree.” He had no idea what it was about, and neither did we.

Number Fir Tree Free 4

Much later Seb wandered in after his Deliveroo shift, picked up a piece of paper and casually started doodling. Someone noticed he’d drawn a fir tree. Why a fir tree? We were sure no one had mentioned it to him. It was a little spooky, still quite confusing but very cool.

I looked for houses for rent on Fir Tree Walk in Northampton (there is one, believe it or not) but there wasn’t anything available. After a few months of searching for a suitable property Rob managed to arrange a viewing for a house (house number 33 on its road) just a 6 minute walk from our current pad, and wouldyabelieveit, in the garden there was a stonking gurt big fir tree.

We’ve still no idea if it means anything profound, but maybe it’s just a little confirmation from God that this is the right place, He’s in it, and it’s going to be good.

Or maybe we’re going to grow really big and become a nuisance to all our neighbours. I don’t know. Can anyone shed any more light on the significance of fir trees?

So we should be getting the keys very soon and then comes the big move. If anyone has any furniture or kitchen stuff etc you could chuck our way, we’d be very grateful, just post a comment or contact me directly.

Cheers all.

Keep seeking fir-st the kingdom.

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  1. They’re evergreen. That’s on the positive side. The fallen needles tend to sour the ground underneath the tree.