Our Sabbath Week

Our Sabbath Week 1

Right after coming back from the bible week, without conferring Josh and I both thought it would be worthwhile for us to each spend a week out of normal life resting, praying and considering the future. We’d already arranged a couple of things last week including tea around a neighbour’s house, so we delayed it until this week. Now we’re into our second day.

Josh, Sam and I are staying in local community houses and still working during the day, and Andy’s jetted off to bonny Scotland to be with his family. It will be strange not seeing the regulars like our neighbours the Bannisters, Rhiannon, Marley, Ali, et al.

My pad for the week is with the welcoming folk at Cornhill, a country manor just a few yards from the house in which I grew up over sixteen years. As well as simple relaxation it’ll be a good opportunity to spend some time with my gran and mum who live on-site, and I’m sure I’ll spend quite a bit of time chatting with Jesus while walking out in the fields too.

Our Sabbath Week 2

Cornhill Manor