At a crux

We’ve been doing this House Thing for a couple of years now, and as happens from time to time, this is another of those hinge points. This is a crucial moment in our journey where we again need to pause, take a look around, turn our ears to God, assess where things are going and ask “what’s next?”

The contract at 93 will be up for renewal early September, Seb will be jetting off to his fantastic YWAM DTS in Mexico, Jack’s planning to start travelling and Sumanth will likely be with us only to the end of the year. At least one of our houses won’t be affordable. Way more important than all that though is that we always want to be doing what God’s blessing rather than asking God to bless our plans. If the cloud moves, so must we. (more…)

Number Fir Tree Free

We’ve just signed contracts for our second house, which you can call The House Thing II, or Number 33, or my favourite: Number Fir Tree Free.

Fir tree? Yup.

Yonks ago a few of us spent a few days praying individually about the house, and met up on a Friday evening to pray together and share inspirations and what God had been saying about it all. Josh often gets some quite specific words of knowledge but wasn’t sure about one in particular: one thing he heard from God was simply “fir tree.” He had no idea what it was about, and neither did we. (more…)

Pithy profile #: Yulia

Who are you?
My Chinese name is Wang Yuying and my English name is Yulia. I’m a person who loves God.

What brought you here?
Jack. First of all my friend Chris invited me to church, and Jack invited me here.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
Bible study, experiencing the love of God and talking with Jesus. (more…)

Pithy Profile #6: Rob

Who are you?
I am Robert Cartwright. Who do you say I am

What brought you here?
My two feet. Circumstance and I guess God’s guiding hands.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
I guess it’s about sacrifice. Sacrificing a normal life to live with other people who’ve also made that sacrifice. (more…)

Pithy Profile #5: Celia

Who are you?
I’m Celia. I’m a human, a person. I’m a sinner. Who am I? I’m an ambitious lazy girl!

What brought you here?
God brought me here. At first Jack invited us, and then we just wanted to experience new things, be with people from this country, that was the first reason. Then after coming here once or twice we didn’t want to come back any more because it’s quite weird staying around with so many boys. But we found you were really kind, nice people, friendly, easy to talk with, so we were attracted to it.