Pithy Profile #5: Celia

Pithy Profile #5: Celia 3Who are you?
I’m Celia. I’m a human, a person. I’m a sinner. Who am I? I’m an ambitious lazy girl!

What brought you here?
God brought me here. At first Jack invited us, and then we just wanted to experience new things, be with people from this country, that was the first reason. Then after coming here once or twice we didn’t want to come back any more because it’s quite weird staying around with so many boys. But we found you were really kind, nice people, friendly, easy to talk with, so we were attracted to it.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
Family. You’re my friends.

What are your hopes for this house thing in the future?
More people. Stay together forever, don’t leave each other. You guys are going to split into two groups which makes me sad, because after some of you move we can’t see you so often. You can always stay together?

Anything else you’d like to say?
I love you guys.

Quickfire round

Marmite: love it or hate it?
Uuuuurgh! I’ve tried it, I hate it.

Football or rugby?

What do cows drink?
Cows drink water

Dogs or cats?

Complete this sentence: Britain needs…
Beautiful sky

Your favourite word is…
爱, which means ‘love’