Pithy profile #3: Jack

Pithy profile #3: Jack 5Who are you?
I’m Jack Palgrave Brown. I’m a human.

What brought you here?
I initially wanted to bring my international student friends over here and it made sense to be part of this scene a lot more because I was considering what was the next chapter of my life. I still enjoy community and I enjoyed being with people and sacrificing some elements of time to be together and strengthen one another and to see a change in the neighbourhood.

And also town is a new territory for me and I still like to push my evangelism ministry before I consider marriage.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
It’s a crazy, diverse, fun house. It’s a fun house!

What are your hopes for this house thing in the future?
I guess it’s a shared vision to split into two, four people go to one place and start a new house. With that new space the two houses will have the ability to go out and make friends and to bring people back here and I guess testify about Jesus. To bring the light into the world, into the people, because people in Northampton and the neighbourhood around is quite lonely and we should go and provide the light.

Anything else you’d like to say?
I like turtles.

Quickfire round

Pithy profile #3: Jack 6Marmite: love it or hate it?
Love it

Football or rugby?

What do cows drink?

Dogs or cats?

Complete this sentence: Britain needs…

Your favourite word is…