Pithy profile #: Yulia

Pithy profile #: Yulia 1Who are you?
My Chinese name is Wang Yuying and my English name is Yulia. I’m a person who loves God.

What brought you here?
Jack. First of all my friend Chris invited me to church, and Jack invited me here.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
Bible study, experiencing the love of God and talking with Jesus.

Pithy Profile #6: Rob

Pithy Profile #6: Rob 2Who are you?
I am Robert Cartwright. Who do you say I am

What brought you here?
My two feet. Circumstance and I guess God’s guiding hands.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
I guess it’s about sacrifice. Sacrificing a normal life to live with other people who’ve also made that sacrifice.

Pithy Profile #5: Celia

Pithy Profile #5: Celia 3Who are you?
I’m Celia. I’m a human, a person. I’m a sinner. Who am I? I’m an ambitious lazy girl!

What brought you here?
God brought me here. At first Jack invited us, and then we just wanted to experience new things, be with people from this country, that was the first reason. Then after coming here once or twice we didn’t want to come back any more because it’s quite weird staying around with so many boys. But we found you were really kind, nice people, friendly, easy to talk with, so we were attracted to it.

Pithy profile #4: Aidan

Pithy profile #4: Aidan 4Who are you?
I am Aidan Christopher Ashby, I’m 28. Trying to keep up with Jesus. I’m a part time student and work part time for the Church and help lead this thing here.

What brought you here?
Really wanted to see people find Jesus so we thought we needed to move into town to be among people. Wanted to be part of a group discipling one another, wanted to explore new ways of doing community.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
All of the above, plus learning to cook.

Pithy profile #3: Jack

Pithy profile #3: Jack 5Who are you?
I’m Jack Palgrave Brown. I’m a human.

What brought you here?
I initially wanted to bring my international student friends over here and it made sense to be part of this scene a lot more because I was considering what was the next chapter of my life. I still enjoy community and I enjoyed being with people and sacrificing some elements of time to be together and strengthen one another and to see a change in the neighbourhood.

And also town is a new territory for me and I still like to push my evangelism ministry before I consider marriage.

Pithy profile #2: Josh

Pithy profile #2: Josh 6Who are you?
My name is Joshua Hubbard, I’m 21 years old, believe in God and live in Northampton.

What brought you here?
My desire to see peoples lives changed by Jesus and follow my calling in him.

In your own words, what’s this house thing all about?
It’s about making friends, disciples, forming relationships, gaining life skills, training young people for mission.

Pithy profile #1: Rhiannon

Who are you?
Pithy profile #1: Rhiannon 7I’m Rhiannon. I don’t know really. I’m a part of the house, the Bostock Avenue crew.

What brought you here?
Well I got to know everyone through bible study and then when you moved into Adams Avenue I bought you some gifts. I planned to leave after handing them to you but you invited Hannah and I round for dinner, and then the next day and the next day, so we came. The community and how much everyone here loved and pursued God, it was just something I wanted to be a part of.