Warming up the new house

We’re all settled into the new house now, so with Maggie that makes seven of us and a cat, plus occasional visitors.

The overlap between contracts has meant we’ve been able to “lend” 33 Roe Rd, one of our old houses, to a friend while she looks for a place to live.

Now there are more of us together in one place we’ll be setting up our common fund, expanding the ‘open wallets’ community sharing we’ve enjoyed in the past. Just need to set up a new bank account and we’re good.

God’s regularly repeating Isaiah 54:2 to us and we’re still pondering what He’s actually saying to us through it, and therefore what we should do. Any ideas, do let us know. We’ve just restarted our weekly schedule of prayer meetings and bible studies. Ideas on the horizon, we’ll see.

Finally, we’ll be having our proper house-warming this Saturday 27th. If you’re a known friend of ours you’d be most welcome! Bring & share food from 4pm.